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I’m a fire spirit needing to wander to feel freedom and to find where "home" is for me. I’m artistic by nature, a geek by trade, and pretty crazy in between. I can talk away in any situation and meet some of the best people ever, with love and laughter. These are all very important things to me.

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm full of love and very giving  It’s in giving that you make others happy, and it comes in return many times over. I believe in it. I have been fortunate enough to receive a new member to my home because of someone’s generosity.

Ireland is my home in many respects. I've lived in County Galway and County Kerry.  I hope to move back again one day.  I now live off the coast in California, and even after a very bad day, looking at the ocean on the way home lifts my heart.

I love animals and nature. My cousin said I could charm the birds of the trees, she’s not far wrong. I love to talk to most people of all backgrounds. I love driving along the coast or just sitting by the park and play with squirrels, baby seagulls, swans, ostriches, llamas, etc. Yes I find these animals, and not at the zoo!
Animals just are, they don’t try to "be" anyone or anything else.

I find that I’m enjoying the midst of autumn, and loving the colours of the evening sky and the smell of the air. My art has coming back to me with open arms. I wish to use this space to place some of my previous, and soon to be new art.

I specialize in animals (mythical and real), and Irish landscapes. I work in acrylics and sometimes oils. Much of my artwork is from my photography, or combination of photographs.

I've friends, all over the world, who've inspired me to do find want more...and to deserve more.  THANK YOU! When they say they'll look out for me, i know they mean it. as I would do the same for them.

Tracy E. Cronin


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